Photographed by yours truly.

We have witnessed Manila Fashion Festival’s success that merited our slow claps throughout the past seasons. But before the glitz and cheers, they have to conduct first the rigorous practice of model casting.

Just as odds are in our favor, we were lucky enough to be invited to experience another round of casting. It is already my second time to watch this process, but the excitement will always there. My usual lazy Sunday afternoon has been overpowered by model adrenaline as we mingle with fashion experts and model hopefuls. As the stress is evident, seeing the whole selection process makes us feel grounded. You can see the hard work that everyone incorporated in their task – Models brushing off the nerves; looking as if they are having a good time, and the casting committee screening hundreds of models, ensuring that each one of them fits the mold.

Photographed by yours truly.

The day ended with a “sigh” from everyone. One down from their task line up, but there is more to go. Every designer has marked their favorites, and may deliberate to the other models that they may want to consider. For sure, there is a lot in-store for us this season – from models, designer creations and the actual show. At the meantime, enjoy the cut below for the catch on what’s inside the Go-See for Manila Fashion Festival THE NEXT.

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Shermaine (PMAP) and her freezing stare

Perhaps this is the most memorable of any fashion event I’ve ever been. Aside from being impressed from Jerome Salaya Ang’s collection, and seeing the comeback of one my early faves – Rodina Luspo on the runway, I almost lost my cool when I realized my camera bag is nowhere out of sight. The PHFW people and Discovery Primea security were very nice to help me until they cleared the venue. Unfortunately, my camera bag plus its accessory are already in the hands of someone else. Still, I’m very thankful that my PENTAX Q7 is with me when the bag became missing in action. I really don’t know how I will react if the camera was inside that bag? Maybe I’ll be sobbing till I don’t know when and I won’t be able to do some blog post for this season of PHFW.

Then again, the blog must go on. In between those moments, I managed to take some runway photos and after show model pics despite of what happened. Glad to know that seeing my beloved runway stars from different agencies could atleast cheer me up. Thank you also to Mr Tex and Mr Mito of PHFW for extending a helping hand, and to Jana Stuntz and Hye Won for calming my nerves down with our small talk 🙂

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Bless the models



Its prep up time! Rayane Lopes being dolled up minutes before the show.

Fashion show goers are used to witnessing the actual runway show – models’ face all polished and clothes hanging gracefully on their slender frame. Whether standing on the peanut gallery; or seating on the front, the back, or the media row, we managed to swing through the energy of the collection. However, a trip to a part of the behind-the-scenes would make you appreciate the amount of work that has been put to create a visually arousing show.

Sam Lewis (left) and Carla Humphries (right) with their off the runway moment.

Backstage feels…

This short but memorable trip leads us to the lower ground of the show venue. I and my bff Rowell (from were given the opportunity by the lovely people from Art Personas team to take a sneak peek of the hair and make-up room. We immediately rush inside the assigned room and saw how they get down to business. Forgive my amazement cause it was my first time witnessing the whole backstage thing live. Models sat down on a glam station while the hair and make-up artist preps them up to look flawless. An effortless skin with the designer’s desired look is a serious obligation to the team. Uniformity is the key point and as much as possible, the face should be concealed from imperfections.

Talk about #brushgoals for the make-up savvy


From L-R: Jhen Maica Valencia (Art Personas) and Hye Won Jang (PMAP) with the team

Asia’s Next Top Model C4 alum Gwendolyn Ruais (PMAP) looking sharp and edgy

Its just her second season but Mariah Jowett (Art Personas) will always channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Model Maria Rivera showing us how to be dreamy and sultry. You better work girl! 

While rooming around, some of models managed to say “hi with half eyes shut due to make-up application. With my camera flashing, they steadily gave that backstage bts look for my blog. We also manage to have small talks with them to check if how they are doing so far. My eyes tried not to blink seeing majority of my favourite models packed in one room. As they leave minutes before the show, I was lucky enough to snap some of them before they exit. It’s nice to see again some of the models whom I have established friendship through my blogging journey, as well as the new ones whom I’ve recently made friends with.

Since I was getting used to my new camera, I wasn’t able to take tons of after show moments like what we’ve been used to before. Then again, these few shots are really my favourite, especially the one I took with Julian Culas (in yellow)- the dude is super fierce you know! Cheers to them who are still cool to have their photos taken despite of their tiring day. Thanks also for the hugs! It was nice catchin’ up with you guys even for a short time. Till next show.

P.S. Big thanks to Sir Ronnie, Ms Sara Kae, Tito Jonel (Art Personas Management) and Sir Joshua (Yeoh Models).

Please credit me & my blog upon usage of the photos. All photos taken by Ben L. Ferrer

Bless the models!



The Style Bible’s translation of the best runway pieces from Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2016 to a flower-power themed editorial got us all pollinated on a high.

The Arrangement – Preview Magazine February 2016
Models: Ana Pirlog (Elite Manila), Natalie Kuzmenko (Elite Manila), Hye Won Jang (PMAP), Jessica See (Art Personas), and Rose Joy Pinuela (Mercator)
Styling: Andre Chang
Photography: Jeanne Young

Note: Images are copyright from their owners

Bless the models!



Image Source: Facebook

A facebook spoiler post that was shared by a friend of mine made my eyes popped like crazy. The post contains the beauty shots of the possible contenders on the 4th cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model. I immediately opened the unofficial  fan page that posted the spoiler teaser. One of their previous post shows the three girls representing the Philippines. They have already made a name in The local pageant scene and have dipped their stilettos on some modelling gigs. Please take note that the Asia’s Next Top Model has not yet released the official models for this cycle.

Image Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

By analyzing their background, If they are indeed the official rep from the Philippines, I am crossing my fingers that their pageant background will not hinder their chances on being edgy and editorial. Hopefully, they can shed their pageant skin and reveal a true model self behind all the glitz that they’ve been known for.

Official premiere date of the 4th cycle on Star World Asia on March 9, 2015.


Update: The three Filipina beauties are the official representative of the Philippines Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. 

Bless the models!



As I was finalizing this post, some of my friends would ask me, “Is she really a model?”After a thorough explanation, they just slowly nod their head. No matter how hard the elaboration is, a high fashion model would only end up in question mark or as an object of desire (male models in particular) for the general crowd.

But that’s what we like about it. There’s a certain exclusivity in their beauty that only the fashion people would grasp. These beings have the ability to tag the word “expensive” to the clothing and items hanging on their form. This sort of lengthy post is created to honor the break out stars and the existing ones in the recent Manila Fashion Festival, who in their puzzling characteristics have made love and interpreted the designers’ vision in their best footsteps.

Note: The names below are in no particular order.  

(From L to R) Justin Smaby and Mabelle Corpus
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


The runway boy wonder yield present to all 4 days in Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2016. His good looks and alluring presence are well received by designers and the crowd. When he carries the clothes, he makes sure that he makes that connection of being remembered. As he passed by the crowd, I took his photo and he brightly said “Kamusta (how are you)” in American accent. Aside from his gifted face, what caught my attention is when the flocking audience started to stare and hush from the background. A guy like him was once being catch in our dreams. But now, he is an existing eye catcher.


“You look like Jasmine Maierhoffer” The first five words I uttered the first time I met her with rosy cheeks at the elevator. She replied “Sabi din nila (they said so).” With a high expectation in mind, Mabelle strut her best and even exceeded our initial impression to her. Her ability to morph into an immaculate creature and to a glamour girl gets our consent that she is going to propel for greater opportunities. Her roster of shows goes on for days, and a top-tier face is the support to call her a catwalk rookie.

(From L to R) Karl David Santos and Lou Yanong
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


Mr perfect bone structure isn’t he? Despite his dentistry profession outside the modelling world, he is still finding an amount of time to show his swag and drill the catwalk in full force. His best performance goes to his participation with Project Runway winner Joy Chicano. This is when he emotively stares at the audience and slowly tilted his head. Another notable runway work of his is during the Odelon Simpao show, radiating a true aplomb gained from runway show fixtures. Other female models may put him as their prospect and along with a blush or two, he is stuck to be our most wanted.


The forever bubbly and effervescent model rocked the runway with bookings for blue-chip designers this season. It’s not just us who find her persona endearing. Heard from a backstage whispers that a male model got his eyes on her, and it has been approved by her PMAP girl pals. Her runway walk, innocent face and svelte figure are equivalent to two thumbs up. The steady bookings is pretty much the evidence.

(From L to R) Jack De Mesa and Ria Bolivar
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


As he age, he gets better. It’s no feat for him to join the newest crop of male models. He still got the charm and the good looks that the early generation has witnessed. Time ticks but not his established career. After all, he is the boss and is not yet giving up his title.


We always savor the moment when she open and closes a show – a serious title to be entrusted with. It’s no longer the designers’ faith that earns her this position, but it’s her name that catapults her prowess to this level. Even a candid backstage photo of her can pass as a beauty editorial in a fashion magazine.

(From L to R) Tyson Kraft and Skye Redden
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


Growing up with novels would make you think of that prince saving that damsel in distress. He’s no longer in the pages of the paperback and is now under the lights of Manila Fashion Festival. Sizzling with a boyish hair; smoldering eyes and broad shoulders, casting directors would fawn over to have him in their shows. Luckily for us, the day we saw him made us high by the runway.


The freshly picked 13 year-old teen joining the model crew is a recent discovery of Art Personas. The expensive looking Amerasian sends us a Sofia Mechetner counterpart in brown locks. The opener slash bell ringer in Chris Diaz S/S 2016 line up walks with so much power centering the audience energy in her. Not bad for the youngest girl on the runway who just learned how to walk on heels. She is youthful and beautiful with a great future ahead. Not to mention, we are envious of her pristine beauty.

(From L to R) Adrian Meyers and Mariah Jowett
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


The 16 year-old male grand winner of the Face of the Philippines (season 2) is a high school student who is standing at a sky scrapper height. Booking a decent number of shows, you would never believe that he is the same person on the runway. He awkwardly smiles and waves his hand upon stumbling at him before the final rehearsals. It amazes me how he look solid while strutting down. His innate talent to model is admirable, and we want to see him flourish in his own expertise.


Maybe she travelled from the past? Everything about this girl screams model. A pale skin matching a 60s aura gives me chills thinking that this Pinay-British girl is the reincarnation of iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. The close resemblance got us all colonized with her exquisiteness. That strong walk? Hmmm… We surrender.

(From L to R) Erie Obsena and Kathlyn Asuncion 
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


Talk about a demi-god who is fit for the Abercrombie and Fitch masculine spirit. The doll-like face with doe eyes and manly pout, plus an athletic figure – we vow to constantly put him in our watch out list.


My female prediction is right. Rooting for her to win Face of the Philippines in my previous post became a reality. Hailing from a family with a background in modelling, the long-legged student decided to take a leap and finally wear the heels along with her academics. The Filipina-aristocrat presence that she gives is truly priceless, especially when she shows off that tilted eye gaze. Standing at 178 cm, this girl is a well favoured model in the making,

(From L to R) Allan Nuguid and Irene Sandig
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


He is the dashingly handsome model that despite his overwhelmingly physique serves uniqueness behind the charismatic lure. Behind the backstage chaos happening is a calm, collected walk and a noble expression. Trust that he’ll do more and stir more.


An all-natural good look is only the baseline of what makes her a soaring face in Manila Fashion Festival. She has a face of an angel that can transform into a dark temptress when situation calls. With her performance in Milka Quinn, she has proven that she is interesting not just for one sight. For now, a touch down is not an option for her.

(From L to R) Jullian Culas and Brandi Branfuhr
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


The bizarrely beautiful male model has made his foot prints towards the PMAP door. Opening Renan Pacson show last season is just the beginning. He was entitled to open 2 among the three shows that he participated in. You know it’s Julian when there is a rapunzel-like mane swinging with powerful piercing eyes and pounding march. Surprisingly quirky, everything that we see defines regularization on the PMAP main board.


Yeoh Models just introduce a new recruit from their hauntingly beautiful squad. With an obvious high fashion potential, she made a pounding debut at the Via Valencia S/S 2016 collection. Her big eyes and strange qualities are taking us in new heights on how we define a model in our country. Looking for her name is a challenge until someone posted the show list on Instagram and voila, there goes the name of this promising new comer. We give her a big hand for her editorial look that will unquestionably bring a handful of credentials.

(From L to R) Howell Medina and Zarah Padilla-Lim
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


He is one of the few androgynous beings flocking the modelling scene. The long haired Howell is out of the ordinary but he is just being himself. Cool is the word that can describe his walk. He is just chill and flamboyant that designer Renan Pacson fell in love with his persona. Without a word, his mysterious appearance gave life to that blur on the designers’ and artistic imagination.


The girl is more than her middle name. Mastering her jaw dropping face and flawless walk is far by her fascinating girl-next-door self. She could easily be mistaken as the sister of Chinese top model Sui He, but as her instagram headline says “She moves in her own way”. We first saw her as a newbie walking for John Hererra. Seeing her in fashion spreads and in action will never make you doubt that she is one of the gems of the local fashion scene.

(From L to R) Vin Lee and Hana Dy
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


Aside from his front-of-the-camera stint, what makes me remember him a lot is whenever I took a photo of him, he always ask me if I want a selfie with him. The Korean male model secured a spot on the show lists upon entering the scene as a proud PMAP member. He is nothing but productively fierce set for jampack and top of the line shows.


The living porcelain doll continues her journey as a legit fashion model for S/S 2016. It seems that the stage is her world, complementing all the dramatic façade and camera flashes. From a Preview magazine editorial up to her latest runway gigs, it is indisputable that Hana takes charge of the moment straight out from her God-given potential. Anticipation for her career is there. By the looks of it, you know it’s meant to be.

(From L to R) Lawrence Cervantes and Jhen Maica Valencia
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


After taking part on the most awaited fashion event in the Philippines, this Art professor may consider doing this job as a full time. He took his passion for art in a different translation and discovered that he had a great start blending with the pros. He can make a good painting outside fashion, but he is on a sure bet that he can swing bookings in the coming months.


Sharing the Naomi Campbell genes (she has a Jamaican blood) earned her a reputable S/S 2016 season. The unbelievable height, perfect tan and exotic appearance has been endeared by her agency and designers alike. The graceful runway stint for this fresh face is an introduction to an endearing future.

(From L to R) Raphael Kiefer and Ann Casas
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


The PMAP president shows that he is a true role model to the male model nation. Standing at 6’2” tall, the handsome and esteemed stunner is a Psychology degree holder who had come a long way since winning at the MTV Fashionista. He represented the country in the Best Model of the World Competition in Instanbul, Turkey. Progressively booking jobs under his model belt, he still continues to spark the runway as a fashion demand.


A runway veteran that impressed us since joining FORD Supermodel of the World – Philippines 2007. She always give some extra whenever she is present on the catwalk. At Banggo Niu show, she paraded and projected sensuality, caressing her God-given curves and feeling the moment behind the revolving lights. The statuesque built and the breathtaking face is a key player for our meaning of the word fascination.

Bless the models!



Whether its jealousy or admiration, Jessica Sy (Art Personas) is serving the runway the fierce way!

For sure that some of the models have recognized me as the guy who would say “Can I take a snapshot of you for my blog?” Needless to say, I’ve made a couple of friendly alliance during the past days of mingling with the fashion crowd.

The last day of Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2016 revealed that this is by far the best Spring/Summer season with eye catching shows; the new batch of walkers; and seeing the regular runway rookies with their undying besos and screams during small talks.

As we pull the curtains down for now, here are some of the cast caught by my camera.

Click/hover the image to view name and agency.

If you missed the current and past season’s show, you may subscribe to Art Personas’ Youtube page to watch the shows and some agency clips right in the comfort of your couch.

Till next season folks! Thank you Manila Fashion Festival for making my head a jungle full of models.

Bless the models!