I need Anne!” The words that welcomed us upon entering this hectic environment with the never ending sound of blow dryer. Hours before the show proper, the clean-faced models are grilled in the hair and makeup chair. They submit themselves to the glamsquad and allow them to do their magic. Our short trip allowed us to witness the backstage grind that transforms models into the designer’s vision, with the use of color palette and hairstyling gears. Everyone is surrounded with bright lights and working in the swiftest possible way to accommodate each model.

To share what we’ve experienced, GEEKYBF is presenting you with the BTS photos to understand the process for that flawless and runway ready faces, catered for our fashion satisfaction.




Its prep up time! Rayane Lopes being dolled up minutes before the show.

Fashion show goers are used to witnessing the actual runway show – models’ face all polished and clothes hanging gracefully on their slender frame. Whether standing on the peanut gallery; or seating on the front, the back, or the media row, we managed to swing through the energy of the collection. However, a trip to a part of the behind-the-scenes would make you appreciate the amount of work that has been put to create a visually arousing show.

Sam Lewis (left) and Carla Humphries (right) with their off the runway moment.

Backstage feels…

This short but memorable trip leads us to the lower ground of the show venue. I and my bff Rowell (from were given the opportunity by the lovely people from Art Personas team to take a sneak peek of the hair and make-up room. We immediately rush inside the assigned room and saw how they get down to business. Forgive my amazement cause it was my first time witnessing the whole backstage thing live. Models sat down on a glam station while the hair and make-up artist preps them up to look flawless. An effortless skin with the designer’s desired look is a serious obligation to the team. Uniformity is the key point and as much as possible, the face should be concealed from imperfections.

Talk about #brushgoals for the make-up savvy


From L-R: Jhen Maica Valencia (Art Personas) and Hye Won Jang (PMAP) with the team

Asia’s Next Top Model C4 alum Gwendolyn Ruais (PMAP) looking sharp and edgy

Its just her second season but Mariah Jowett (Art Personas) will always channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Model Maria Rivera showing us how to be dreamy and sultry. You better work girl! 

While rooming around, some of models managed to say “hi with half eyes shut due to make-up application. With my camera flashing, they steadily gave that backstage bts look for my blog. We also manage to have small talks with them to check if how they are doing so far. My eyes tried not to blink seeing majority of my favourite models packed in one room. As they leave minutes before the show, I was lucky enough to snap some of them before they exit. It’s nice to see again some of the models whom I have established friendship through my blogging journey, as well as the new ones whom I’ve recently made friends with.

Since I was getting used to my new camera, I wasn’t able to take tons of after show moments like what we’ve been used to before. Then again, these few shots are really my favourite, especially the one I took with Julian Culas (in yellow)- the dude is super fierce you know! Cheers to them who are still cool to have their photos taken despite of their tiring day. Thanks also for the hugs! It was nice catchin’ up with you guys even for a short time. Till next show.

P.S. Big thanks to Sir Ronnie, Ms Sara Kae, Tito Jonel (Art Personas Management) and Sir Joshua (Yeoh Models).

Please credit me & my blog upon usage of the photos. All photos taken by Ben L. Ferrer

Bless the models!



The Style Bible’s translation of the best runway pieces from Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2016 to a flower-power themed editorial got us all pollinated on a high.

The Arrangement – Preview Magazine February 2016
Models: Ana Pirlog (Elite Manila), Natalie Kuzmenko (Elite Manila), Hye Won Jang (PMAP), Jessica See (Art Personas), and Rose Joy Pinuela (Mercator)
Styling: Andre Chang
Photography: Jeanne Young

Note: Images are copyright from their owners

Bless the models!



Whether its jealousy or admiration, Jessica Sy (Art Personas) is serving the runway the fierce way!

For sure that some of the models have recognized me as the guy who would say “Can I take a snapshot of you for my blog?” Needless to say, I’ve made a couple of friendly alliance during the past days of mingling with the fashion crowd.

The last day of Manila Fashion Festival S/S 2016 revealed that this is by far the best Spring/Summer season with eye catching shows; the new batch of walkers; and seeing the regular runway rookies with their undying besos and screams during small talks.

As we pull the curtains down for now, here are some of the cast caught by my camera.

Click/hover the image to view name and agency.

If you missed the current and past season’s show, you may subscribe to Art Personas’ Youtube page to watch the shows and some agency clips right in the comfort of your couch.

Till next season folks! Thank you Manila Fashion Festival for making my head a jungle full of models.

Bless the models!



2 shows opened!! Viva to Jullian Culas of PMAP. That rapunzel hair and death stare are blessed by the fashion Gods.

Thank God it’s Friday, or Thank God I made it here. Running from the office and chasing cabs, but ended up riding a motorcycle-back ride just to arrive on time. When the music was blasting all-over, my eyes were glued on the first faces smoothly gliding down as if I’ve missed them for months. Every step made me feel that I am carried away with their stomp and energetic presence – that feeling when you give that front row gaze ala Victoria Beckham (you know what I’m saying fashion fellas).

The cloud nine feeling became more intense when the show is over. Models with shimmers on their faces exited the backstage with perfect poise. Believe me, the feeling is more than better than seeing those popular kids in high school. Right now, it’s what we call J’ADORE. Enjoy!

Click/hover the image to view name and agency.

Bless the models!



Image Source: Instagram (@noweyh)
Illustration by: Ben L. Ferrer

Name: Hye Won Jang

Agency: PMAP / Focus Model Management (Philippines)

Height: 5’10”

Vital Stats: 32-24-35


Bless the models!



Images from: Manila Fashion Festival; Cassandra Laforteza photo from; Mabelle Corpus photo from

The Manila Fashion Festival F/W has closed it curtains. However, the heat is still on when we recall everything, from the out-of-the-usual atmosphere down to the runway music. With all the models who attended the open call, few have been entrusted with their expertise to breathe life to the beautiful creations. The exciting part is, there are those who give more than just a mere turn on the catwalk. It’s not just the number of shows that counts, but it’s the way how she savor and make the best out of the borrowed spotlight.

(From L to R) Ria Bolivar and Sara Kae Cruz
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Anthony Ramirez

She scored major points when she opened Anthony Ramirez show. She elegantly stands while gracefully moving like a miniature figure in a music box. We totally rave for that fire she set on stage. For a number of shows, she gave an overwhelming performance exceeding her “Rookie” title.


Best runway moment: Happy Andrada

Being in the catwalk for years, Sara’s intelligent presence on the runway is still a sought after among our local designers. Who could resist her striking eyes and the way she keep up that energy on the Happy Andrada show?

(From L to R) Kim Ross and Cassandra Naidas
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Michael Leyva

Aside from her perfect Filipina face, she glided the runway in full swing-strong impact. We can’t help ourselves not to worship her from head to toe.


Best runway moment: Michael Leyva

She played it calm when the train of her evening gown was caught on the floor. As the spotlight was on her, she keeps her cool until someone from the audience lends her a hand. The best part is, she walked away with poise and composure.

(From L to R) Jasmine Maierhofer and Cassandra Laforteza
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Happy Andrada

Despite the ethnic spirit of the collection, her European-esque feature sold the clothing. That’s one of the best skills that she has – compliments and rocks all kinds of clothing.


Best runway moment: Jaz Cerezo

It is important for a model to marry every element on the runway. We gave her an A+ for giving her best strut on opening the Jaz Cerezo show with the Lana Del Rey music; working the dress and going beyond her natural quirkiness.

(From L to R) Mabelle Corpus and Chanel Olive Thomas
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Jerome Salaya-Ang

Born with the qualities of an English rose, she became a favourite of Jerome Salaya-Ang for print and on runway. Her weird presence aligned with the veterans making us remember her name. Seeing her is like a total model / fantard moment, and a lot of model lovers will soon join the club. A good catch for her agency, as she is subjectively and objectively couture.


Best runway moment: Jerome Salaya-Ang

No one will ever object her fashionably-sinister appearance under the spotlight of Jerome Salaya-Ang. On occasion, she would be an aristocrat girl. But she plays it best in an avant-garde setting, unfolding her interpretation of a story from the best minds in Philippine fashion scene.

(From L to R) Paloma Monntilla and Zarah Padilla Lim
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Cheetah Rivera

Take a cue on her square-shaped facial structure plus her impressive walk that deserves a second look. She has this Natasha Poly feel on her looks which is unquestionably appealing. Our eyes were immediately drawn to her exquisite beauty that didn’t settle for ordinary. Now we have another girl to watch out for.


Best runway moment: John Herrera

The subject had barely emerged from backstage straight to the catwalk of John Herrera show, brimming her delicately ethereal features with a fearless walk. A killer cheek bone and a stomp-to-death walk that she has will surely be her passport in becoming a runway royalty.

(From L to R) Hye Won Jang and Anna Buquid
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: ARIN

The Korean model is always on the go. Hye Won’s momentum on the runway is staggering. Refined and doll-like as it may seem, the girl brings it with pure character. As the camera clicks, she is bringing chic and shakes things up with a pristine presence.


Best runway moment: Jaz Cerezo

Anna Buquid embodied a sort of Pochahontas in the old English world. She sets apart from other girls with her imperial appeal, regardless if it is edgy or classy. The exotic Filipina will always have a spot in our checklist.

Bless the models!