I need Anne!” The words that welcomed us upon entering this hectic environment with the never ending sound of blow dryer. Hours before the show proper, the clean-faced models are grilled in the hair and makeup chair. They submit themselves to the glamsquad and allow them to do their magic. Our short trip allowed us to witness the backstage grind that transforms models into the designer’s vision, with the use of color palette and hairstyling gears. Everyone is surrounded with bright lights and working in the swiftest possible way to accommodate each model.

To share what we’ve experienced, GEEKYBF is presenting you with the BTS photos to understand the process for that flawless and runway ready faces, catered for our fashion satisfaction.



MODEL OVERLOAD @ No Body Is Perfect

It was a busy week for me multitasking around my job, blog illustrations, art class and meetings that left me almost sleepless. I wasn’t able to finish my drawing for this week; however, God has been so nice to allow me to have another memorable encounter with some of the most gorgeous models and influential people in the local scene.

At the launch of No Body Is Perfect, a coffee table book by top photographer Jun De Leon & law professor Al Agra, some Filipino top models have been present at the event proper which morphed me again to a model-shutter bug. The crowd was just starting to gather at Bonifacio Global City – Amphitheater when my eyes were magnetized by an enchanting beauty. To my surprise, it was Rissa Mananquil-Trillo with her husband, Paolo Trillo (not on photo). Including motherhood in her profession, anyone can be stunned to see that she still maintains a beautiful figure and a radiant aura. She always smiles and she is truly a down-to-earth person when she talks. Top Model Philippines is currently on hold that is why we are saddened that we won’t be able to see more of Rissa as a model mentor.


While roaming around, I got the chance to meet Project Runway Philippines host & model-actress Tweetie De Leon. She carries a real Filipina elegeance that unforcefully illuminates in person and photos.

Tweetie DL

Jo Ann Bitagcol also showed up at the book launch. Of all the models, her look is basically an androgynous-blank canvass that is fit for edgy editorials. She owns her towering height and perfectly slender body that every move and expression would be very image worthy. I can’t help it but approach her and she’s been really nice to allow me to take a minute of her time for a snapshot on my baby blog.


As an added bonus, I have taken pics of  style blogger Laureen Uy, renowned photographer Jun Dela Cruz and the event proper.






Upon heading home, model couple Marx Topacio and Maxine Medina (both at PMAP) never missed by blurry sight. Marx looks as fine as he is and Maxine in close up kinda’ looks like a young sister of Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. I even confuse her of the latter especially in her Celeteque campaign. Nonetheless, her cheekbones are to die for.


The two of them are the real proof that models are deeper beyond their appearance and romance can be developed behind the blinding flash of the camera.

We’ll I guess this week is not bad at all. As stressful as it may seem, positive stuff are still coming my way with a dose of model medicine that keeps me on the hype.

Note: Photos are taken thru my camera phone. Please credit me upon using the images.

Bless the models!!!