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Years ago, there was this buzz on fashion forums about a Filipina-British model making waves on the fashion scene, represented by the biggest agencies in major fashion capitals. She goes by the nickname Lizzy (Born Rosemary-Anne Elizabeth Burden), who gave a twist to the typical English Rose beauty with her South East Asian mix. Most of us followers only knew about her through the edgy body of work and opportunities she had in her career, such as working with Katie Grand and sharing a runway with Alessandra Ambrosio. Little did we know, she is a woman with a voice and substance who extends beyond what we see. 

I gushed with excitement when I got the opportunity to meet her for a Saturday dinner. She waved and welcomed me in her cute British accent. Before the interview, we talked about some of her endeavors outside modelling. To be honest, I arrived with the idea of getting information on her career background, but our conversation ended up where I got some inspiring advice from her, especially when it comes to pursuing your passion and the love of your life. The self-confessed frugal is also a smart and dedicated student, who recently decided to lend her footsteps to the Filipino fashion arena under the management of Elite Manila. Her intelligent insight on her model journey is pretty impressive, and her mature approach on things is something worth our attention.  

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When you were young, how did you understand modelling

I admired the grace and elegance of the women in the magazines, but I didn’t realize how much creative work went into those pictures. It isn’t just the model – it’s also the photographer, the hair and makeup artists, the stylist, the designer and manufacturers of the clothes, the agent, the casting team… Back then, all I saw was the end product: beauty. 

How did that perception change now that you are a model? 

I’ve learned that fashion isn’t just art, it’s also business. As a model, you need to sell your brand. You need excellent people skills so that you can build relationships with agencies and clients – you must always be a pleasure to work with. There’s so much behind each photo and I’ve come to appreciate that over the years. 

What were the struggles that you encountered when you were starting? 

I was lucky to have a relatively easy beginning. From Manchester I went to London, then to Milan and Paris, then New York. But that first year, I got alopecia – you know, when your hair falls out. I guess I was overwhelmed by everything, and it was even more stressful because my whole income relied on my looks. But I learned to stop caring about it. I found that I could spray the patches with black. Thankfully, no one laughed at me and I kept booking jobs. Cultivating that self-acceptance was a big life lesson. Only when I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me did my hair grow back.

Of all the countries in Asia, what made you decide to choose Philippines as your next stop? 

I’m doing postgraduate studies in International Relations. From an academic perspective, it was a simple choice: it’s such an interesting time here politically – to say the least – and I wanted to perfect my Tagalog. From a personal perspective, modeling here is a wonderful opportunity to return to my motherland and spend time with my Filipino family.

How do you differentiate the pressure in modelling vs. your other priorities, like school? 

I don’t find modeling to be high-pressure. Sure, it’s competitive, but I don’t waste time thinking negatively about the competition. I’m only responsible for myself, unlike in my corporate job where I was responsible for 100 people. Plus, I’m my own boss as a model, so the only pressure is how much I put on myself, which is the same as in academia, ultimately. Agents and professors can push you, but it’s your career and your degree in the end. I’m constantly learning how to push myself better. Both modeling and academia take self-motivation and careful time management – especially balancing the two – so the skills from both fields feed into each other. But I think the most important part of pushing yourself effectively is finding enjoyment in it. For instance, I enjoy taking care of my body because working out makes me feel good – you can’t argue with endorphins! Staying in shape is just the by-product. When you truly enjoy a challenge, whatever it is, the pressure disappears.

You’ve jumped from one fashion capital to another. How was it living with complete strangers, especially in the model apartment? 

I’ve only lived in model apartments twice but both times my roommates became my friends. All I’d say to anyone moving into a model apartment would be follow the basic human rules. You know, respect the other person and their privacy, be considerate when they want to sleep, be clean and tidy, don’t burden them with your problems. When you give that respect to them, you can expect it back. That’s the basis of a happy co-living arrangement, right? (Laughs).

You have worked with a lot of bookers from different agencies; can you give the top 3 beauty advice you had from them? 

Common sense!

• Exercise regularly.
• Sleep consistently.

• Eat clean, lean and green and keep hydrated.


Photo from Elite London via Bellazon forum
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You have an impressive book, what posing tips can you give us when it comes to selfies and full body shots? 

Focus on the mood that you’re trying to convey and it will shine through your eyes. Only think about body angles and lighting secondarily; that way the result will be natural.

Is there anything that you would like to explore more or venture on? 

One thing I’ve been really impressed to find in the Philippines is that there’s a strong eco-ethical fashion movement. I got to do a show with Miranda Konstantinidou in Cebu and at the end, she had her entire crew on stage. She cares about them, and we could all feel it. The entire the front row was crying. Her company is something like 99% female and production is 100% in-house, which means her staff get fair rates for their work. It’s the opposite of fast fashion. There are also designers here like Zacharias and Joanique who are using indigenous materials such as mother of pearl, and others still who are incorporating innovative fibers like pinya (from the pineapple) into their designs. I’m excited that this movement is happening and I want to champion it because I’m so proud that it’s happening here.

As one of the new generation models with Filipino blood, how have you witnessed the evolution having Filipino models on the scene? 

When I started modeling, I felt like Asian models weren’t really considered. It was, “we’ll put one token black girl in the show and maybe an Asian for good measure”. Now, I’m very happy that Asian beauty is getting more of the recognition it deserves. 

What can young Filipino models expect when they want to break in to the western scene? 

When I was in New York, I was put into the “ethnically ambiguous” category. What is that? One day I’d be Latina, black the next, then Asian. Somehow, they didn’t know how to pinpoint the Filipina look. It was great commercially – I was every woman! But I think it’s very important to be proud of Filipina beauty in its own right. Fashion, by its nature, is constantly changing, so we have to keep faith in our power to redefine the categories, shift the goalposts.

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How did this career change you? 

It has made me more independent. At a young age, I got to travel the world and meet people from lots of different cultures – that made me more empathetic. Modeling has also helped me to keep my own counsel. You have to work with different crews every day, you are moving from city to city, so you need to be a friend to yourself, that voice in your own head who says, “you are beautiful, you are a good person, you can achieve whatever you apply yourself to”. Learning to be kind to myself has helped me in every aspect of life.

What direction do you see yourself now you’re here in Philippines?

While I finish studying, I want to maximize all the opportunities in fashion I have here, and do the best work I can across the spectrum of editorial and commercial. I’m also an ambassador for Liter of Light, which is the first clean energy NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Asia. Their work is amazing. They teach women to build sustainable light sources, so that in itself creates jobs, and having light at night helps to prevent rape and theft. It means kids can study when the sun goes down. So my goal is to use modeling to expand my platform to promote this kind of work. One of my role models is Emma Watson. She was studying at Oxford when I was at Cambridge. Because of her acting career, she has a big audience who listen when she’s promoting women’s rights – now she’s a UN ambassador for women. I aim to combine my academic background with my work in fashion and documentary film to have a positive influence in the world.

Before we wrapped our interview, I asked her take on things she considers as “First”: 

Love – I was besotted with some older boy I met at the local disco when I was kid. I couldn’t stop talking about him for a year!

Modelling gig – I was scouted for a little shoot in the Philippines when I was 13, but my mum wasn’t very happy about it so I didn’t model again until I’d nearly finished school.

Disney movie – The Lion King. 

Impression that a model should do – Be on time.

Thing that she notices to a guy – Confidence.

…Bizarre talent – I used to really, really like Elvis Presley. I won a talent competition in school where I dressed as him and sang “Heartbreak Hotel” with my toy guitar!

Photo from Elite London via Bellazon forum
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With special thanks to Stig Latorre of Elite Model Management – Manila




Image source: Instagram (@filipinotopmodels)

It seems that the odds are not in our favor since Anna Bayle stepped off to the runway. There have been Filipina models signing to top agencies and pulling some work and stints in fashion week. We may not deny that they indeed have the potential and a high fashion look for an Asian face. But reality is, their body of work may not catapult them to a top model or modern day supermodel status like Joan Smalls. We even speculated that their agency could invest more in them; they failed to make the cut on castings; or their VISA issues limit them from booking jobs in other fashion capital.

Image source: Now Fashion

As our eyes dried from patiently waiting, A Davaoenia who started modelling in Los Angeles, California is now ringing bells with her high profile work, thus shining some light of hope from our fashion anxiety. Recently, we are wowed with her surprising exclusive appearance in Chanel Haute Couture show. We cannot stop thinking of the possible future work that may pour into her. The happiness of seeing someone who can be a new face commodity from the Philippines is totally overwhelming. Finally, the Filipina beauty is being noticed once again by the fashion biggies after decades of hiatus.

Bless the models!



Models: May Bell and Ruth Bell
Agency: Elite (London)
Image reference: Models.com
Illustration by: Ben L. Ferrer

Kate, Cara and Lily are the few names of super successful models that came from UK. Another discovery enchanted the audience and this time, the package came into double. Twins May and Ruth are just your regular students from Kent, England before they were scouted by Elite Model Look – UK. The two of them are the strongest contenders bearing a fairy tale-like appearance pulled from the book of Alice in Wonderland. A close look will speak of Vlada Roslyakova and Kate Moss where everyone can go crazy of dreaming of an avant-garde story. We have been so fond of their sweet looks and soft spoken voice that is classically British indeed.

May represented the English breed on Elite Model Look World 2013 in Shenzen, China and ended up on the top 15. Either way, both of them are now on board with Elite London new faces division.  As this early, the twins appeared on Topshop Zine 2013 and ID Pre Fall 2013.

We just can’t wait to see them get work outside their sibling image to see how they are special and unique in their own ways. Having an intense raw potential and a superb agency on their back can only mean an upfront career to fashion royalty.

Bless the models!



Kelly Mittendorf Illustration
Model: Kelly Mittendorf
Agencies: The Society (NY)/ Elite (London)/ Marilyn (Paris)/ D’ Management (Milan)
Image Source: F.TAPE Fashion Directory (www.ftape.com)
Illustration by: Ben L.Ferrer

A girl with an otherworldly face as the fashion people would say it has gone overnight into becoming a Prada girl. She met with Meisel and appeared on the brand’s campaign for F/W 2011 where she poses next to top model Frida Gustavsson and company. There is no question that she was selected for this campaign. Her look perfectly fits the trademark aesthetic of the brand, which we can express as eccentrically beautiful. She is a fresh face in the name of Kelly Mittendorf. Living in Arizona, she was just your regular teenager who became a youth ambassador for Phoenix Sister Cities Programme in Taipei. Her agent discovered her while swimming in the pool and has been initially signed to The Agency Arizona all the way to the top agencies in the four fashion capitals. Being a true standout, it was proven that she is worth the media glance when she appeared at the ID Magazine cover shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson and various international spreads in Vogue.

She is normally a laid back girl who would care on other things over her appearance, but her looks particularly the hypnotic cat eyes square jaw cannot help it but scream high fashion and even reminds us of Norwegian male model Knut Roertveit. A face like this would entail an agency to scour Europe. However, her agent found a diamond in a rough in the country side of America that sparked a lasting impression and became a newcomer to watch out for.

Bless the models!!!