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The clothes that paraded the halls of Green Sun for Manila Fashion Festival set our minds far above the normal sentiment. Admit it, there are times that when you watch a runway show on TV and be enchanted by the creations. But you are left wondering if you can actually take those pieces off the ramp? Sometimes, it’s too good for reality, unless you are the missing sibling of the forever-fabulous Daryl and Andre Chang.

However, it’s a different take for the Spring/Summer season of the said event. Clothes are elegantly created and closet friendly with a Filipino craftsmanship that can be presented on an international level. The team have selected the best among the best Filipino designers and through the four-day fashion experience, we are giving you the ten collections that have blown our worldly desire for things stylish.

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Five looks from Nino Angeles S/S 2016 – Un Jour
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


There is no bad in the romance projected by his collection. Mute vintage shades ruled the hour with laid back styles which is heavily inspired by the old times. The love affair with the things from the past brought us straps hanging on dresses; unexpected layering of sheer material to button down pieces; and fabrics with antiquated prints of floral, leaves, and patterns turned into dresses and long-sleeve top. Never realized that being educated in history can be trendy and taught inside the catwalk.

Five looks from Banggo Niu S/S 2016 – Sea Siren
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


A collection blessed by the Greek god Poseidon. The splash of Marine life on the spotlight brought hues of teal and light browns. The designs also put stressed to the polished construction of Mr Banggo with sheer fabrics with deep details; dresses and evening wear paying respect to the underwater scenery; and the last pieces reminding us of the shimmering spot in the middle of the ocean. A collection that is just refreshing for the next season, we are totally ready to ride the waves of this designer.

Five looks from Odelon Simpao S/S 2016 – Linear Forms
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


From his previous collection featuring kaleidoscopic monochrome prints comes an homage to the great Piet Mondrian. Primary colors of blue, red and yellow were incorporated with white pieces to create pull overs and dresses with a sort of sports wear feel. Gone are the days where art would only hang on walls, for the artistic clothes of Mr. Odelon are taking us into a fashion movement.


Five looks from Mia Arcenas S/S 2016 – Voyage
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


Her muses are leisurely cruising for an expedition in South America. The color palette for which are bold and updated reference in Boho fashion. The supple and flowing dresses moved-down the runway like a dream, thinking that going for this wardrobe can take us for the longest ride in chic republic.

Five looks from Cheetah Rivera S/S 2016 – Beloved
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Inspired by the delicate dandelion, the collection with soft tones of yellow interprets the lightness and ease for the Spring/Summer season. The engineering of the delightfully sewn details and floral chokers flourished into a luxe vibe of sophistication. For us, it’s a trouble free experience to have bottomless affection with the “Beloved”.

Five looks from Randy Ortiz S/S 2016 
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


A gentleman’s closet is important as with the ladies. Nowadays, men know how to look good and stylish. But it’s our innate nature to pull items in our drawers most of the time. This is how Randy Ortiz’ collection address our hay day problems. Each item from the RTW collection can be a standalone piece from geometric-printed top; linear cut jackets; and straight cut pants perfectly fit for the up to date monsieur.

Five looks from ARIN S/S 2016 – Multiplicity
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


The adventures of the ARIN girl takes us from hip street to an evening affair. Little black dresses with side showing some skin. But hey, she is wise to keep it classy and elegant. She also pulled some crop tops, shorts and playful skirts. ARIN is unpredictably pleasing every season. We always want to ask her – “why are you so beautiful?”

Five looks from Avel Bacudio S/S 2016 
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


Mr. Avel embraced the midnight hue and used this to lit up Manila Fashion Festival with gowns with sheer-smokey bottoms, and fine embroidery with sparkles resembling the constellation. The collection also featured pull overs with glossy print of the letter “A” of the designer’s full name. Menswear of the same color are also present – Jogger pants, rubber shoes and sleeveless tops. As they say, you can never go wrong with black, or should we say “You can never go wrong with Avel.”

Five looks from Anthony Ramirez S/S 2016  – La Forme
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


He got it all wrapped up!. Anthony Ramirez indulged into the humble art of shrouding her muses in fabrics. The super sensual statement looked polished and splendid. The coverture commended the Olympus Aphrodite-ish fashion in an evening setting. Anthony has shown that being a Goddess no longer entail you to be bare-naked just like the old statues. Because being covered in Anthony Ramirez’ collection is the new sexy for a summer mood festivity.

Five looks from Patty Ang S/S 2016  – Hamptons Flow
Images from: Status Magazine Facebook page


The modern day women epitomizes the vision of Ms. Patty Ang. Capes made a statement for that avant-attitude and slits appeared for this clothing, as well as strapless tops and stylish evening wear in sweet-bold tones. The sartorial taste for her collection ensured that it carried the sleek and clean concept that is irresistibly premium in style.

Bless the models!