Not all geeks are living with glasses. Some choose to see the world in a different perspective. His name is Ben, a Filipino-Chinese guy who is currently based in Makati who geeks out the web with lifestyle, fashion and a kick of male vanity.

With the typical slate of that ugly duckling story, he still nurtures his dork-like self inside by salivating on anything creative that can tickle his imagination. He spend most of his free time browsing magazine editorials; visiting modelling agencies’ website; and drawing model faces.

He currently holds a banking job and enjoys coffee in the morning. Chucks and skinny jeans from Lee Cooper are his wardrobe staples. He loves visiting consignment stores for good designer finds, and once in awhile travels back to Legazpi, Albay to bond with relatives and friends.

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8 thoughts on “[ABOUT]”

  1. Hello Ben, as I read your ABOUT ME, you reminded me of my brother who’s into fashion also. He loves models, beauty queens, and he knows them very well! 🙂 he influenced me! lol. Hoping to read more of your post too! 🙂

    Keep it up!

    April of: http://beybiapril.wordpress.com

    1. I wish I could meet u and ur brother!! .. I only have very few friends who can dish with me about models and meeting ur bro can be really awesome =) God Speed =)

    1. Hi Ms Shekie.. Thnks for droppin by.. I remember seeing u at Advan Ramirez’s portfolio. Super adore ur cover with Irish Ong, Fatima and Catriona.. Hope to see u soon =)

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