Magazine (1st) and digital (2nd) cover. Images from Preview Magazine Facebook

2015 has been declared as the year of Kelsey as magazines cant get enough of the rising model. The 19 year-old sealed the year-end issue (Dec 2015 – Jan 2016) issue of Candy magazine and it doesn’t stop there. Her cover star charm allured the editors of the country’s Style Bible – Preview Magazine. All the single fashionistas (and even the committed ones) are totally in tears for two reason – One, the cover is a “promspiration” with a high fashion taste; two, getting all the boys on top of her credentials is dead-ringer envy moment – that even some us are still under pressure looking for that valentine’s date.  Even with all the good-looking men surrounding the Wilhelmina model, all eyes are still with the lady with the perfect pout.

Don’t you just wish that some of our tacky prom photos during our junior and senior life would look cover-worthy like these? The love month really has something for us fashionistas to make our hearts beat and make our knees weak, with our without a date.

Photographed by BJ Pascual
Styled by Daryl Chang (Kelsey) and Loris Pena (Iñigo, Jeron, Derrick, Ruru, LA, and Andre)
Art Direction by Vince Uy

Note: Images on this post are copyright from its owners. 

Bless the models!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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