ANTM Cycle 22 winner Nyle DiMarco from Episode 5 photoshoot. Shot by Erik Asla.
Image source: ANTM Facebook. 

After 12 years and 22 cycles of hearing the “Wanna be on Top?” The show has finally closed its curtains by awarding the title America’s Next Top Model for their final cycle to the first-ever deaf winner Nyle DiMarco. The rugged, blue-eyed model’s winning was announced when his “Look-alike editorial with dogs” shoot from Episode 9 was flashed together with Tyra’s announcement. DiMarco will bag home a modeling contract with NEXT Model Management and a spread in Nylon magazine, and a US$100,000 contract to become the face of the Zappos Couture’s 2016 re-launch. He was able to beat the other 13 model hopefuls despite his inability to speak and hear. He was left standing with the Mamé Adje, who also has a decent portfolio and strong look. He proved that he can absorbed advice from his mentors and end up being supreme.

Remember this from ANTM Cycle 4 when they have their first official makeover photos?
Image source: via google images.

For all the fashion and model lovers in the Philippines and some other country, ANTM became our very first outlet of having a peek of what we believe in is the actual modelling world before actually getting to know Gemma Ward and her squad. We were holding our chairs to see how our faces were selected on the premiere episode or spend the whole day searching on forums for spoilers. Back then, we believed that this is the coolest thing if you want to be a model, and our early model dictionary was filled with contestants from the show even those who didn’t made it (Nargis Fakhri, Ginger Wells and Andrea Debevc). After each cycle, we are happy to see some of its alums on agency boards, but we are left wondering on how come the winners or the promising girls only make it on small markets and rarely (or never) got a showcard for fashion week? Majority only got buck load of test shots, while others got their name changed – pretty much that’s it.

The remaining group of models from an episode on ANTM cycle 20 waiting to be evaluated by the panel.
Image source:

Up until cycle 16, the show had various themes which kinda give the impression that it is really a reality show. As much as we are amused by what we see (dramas and makeovers), the rate of contestants being embraced in the high fashion world is totally slim vs the other NTM franchises (Australia, Holland to name a few). This only concludes that walking in an agency is way more better than lining up on ANTM open calls to avoid dramas and not to waste a promising potential.

The panel that determines the faith of each contestants.
Image source:

Despite the negative stigma and our present day realization, we still give a big THANK YOU to ANTM for opening the fashion doors in our hearts. We will surely miss singing the Na-nas in the back of our heads during the opening of each episode and of course, seeing Tyra Banks break our fashion innocence through this show and her words of wisdom. Looking back, watching ANTM when we are neophytes became the small school for fashion and model enthusiasts. We learned and deciphered the meaning of the word high fashion, fierce and jenesaisquio to which we have used until now. The show ends and we are proud to say that some fans like us are proud graduates and are venturing in the world of fashion in different ways. Till the day we grow old, we will always remember how to do that smize!

Bless the models,



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.


  1. Very well written article! I had no idea that it was Nyle who won, good on him! I was so addicted to ANTM in the earlier seasons, my favourite era for the show was when Janice Dickenson was a judge! Tyra did a great thing by devising the concept this show, it will forever be iconic and I think its a good idea that the show ends. Personally, I much prefer the earlier seasons….and after 12 yrs and 22 shows, where can a show really go from there? Tyra has a baby boy now and I’m sure she wants to focus on other things now…have a good Sunday! ( :

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