After screening applicants for its second season comes the official candidates vying for that spot represent the country in Asia New Star Model Contest in Korea. The future faces of the runway had undergone workshops and series of test shoot. Meet the candidates in classic monochrome headshots as part of their start up portfolio.

Click/hover image to view names. Images from Face of The Philippines Facebook page.

This kind of shoot is one of the basics of their book, but it’s pretty much tricky knowing that a model can rely only their brows, eyes and lips to make angles. Majority of them gave an A+ for their connection with the camera and displaying diverse characters and narrative in their eyes.

Top picks (female)

Kathlyn Asuncion – From her headshot, we know that this girl does not rely on her beauty alone. She knows where her facial angles are rather than just sitting and looking pretty. Photos do not speak, but hers do command a “stare at me” presence without trying so hard. Did we also mention that she is perfect for the runway? That skyscraper height of 178cm is a runway craving.

Erika Narvaez – Immediately, I taught she is the imaginary sister of model Lu Ping Wang. Her look is very international and those eyes are very catchy. A true fresh face at 15, we can predict that she can do some editorial work in the future.

Elfrene Gammad – Those doe eyes and diamond-cut bone structure are made in heaven! You can think of her as an opener in a designer show, stealing the people’s attention; or starring on a beauty editorial with those exquisite features.

Top picks (male)

Josh Manoharan– A squarish jawline from a runway newbie is truly hard to resist. He knows how to give those perfect squint and relaxed pout. We can expect strong clockwork of tear sheets on his book that can get the approval of casters.

Charles Valenzuela – There’s a certain mystery in this model’s photo. He photographs really well and with a very nostalgic look from the 40s that can be bend into something current and fresh.

Miko Enriquez – Oozing with potential with that East Asian features perfect for both Asian and Western fashion. His expression is effervescent and a future irresistible face for designers knowing that the love for the yellow race is a fad in our country and beyond.

To witness the finale of the competition as part of Manila Fashion Festival, click here to sign up on their guest list.

Note: Images on this post are copyright to its owners

Bless the models!



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