Models: Mabelle Corpus and Zarah Padilla-Lim of Art Personas
Photography and styling: Ronnie Cruz
HMUA: Genaly Montalvo-Villamiel
Location: Art Personas Office, Makati.

Watching the BTS (behind-the-scenes) is like watching a basketball game for me. Cheering continuously for the model to give more poses and whenever she hits the perfect angle, I would scream-out-loud as if she hits 3 points. When I was in college, this used to be my stressed reliever. It was the most visually appealing sight that triggers my fashion brain. However, I realized that being in front of the camera is a serious (yet fun) business.

Last June, I was invited by Mr Ronnie Cruz of Art Personas to visit their office to take part of their models’ test shoot to which I have blogged the post experience before. When I got the final photos in my email, I immediately downloaded the set and recalled everything that has happen during that day. It’s an unbelievable and memorable highlight of a model lover’s journey. To be part of their portfolio and the opportunity to work with the girls that you truly love only happens in wildest dream, but hey it just happened when I was wide awake! Browsing the photos made me feel blush (although guys don’t blush right?). I don’t usually get my photos taken professionally and I only imitate the Karlie Kloss stare on my camera phone in private.

As I was accustomed to being a fan my whole life, it was a whole different story when you are in front of the camera. All the poses that I have known for those years seem to suddenly pop like a bubble. Believe me, I was catching all of them when the camera was clicking. On my left and right corner are two of the strongest models from the Art Personas board – Mabelle and Zarah, who are totally killing it from their eyes down to their fingertips. Sir Ronnie Cruz juggled his duties as a photographer, stylist and an art director all at once.

The shoot taught me that models are beyond mannequins with painted faces. They are much more different from the way you see them on an agency board. They are just like us the rest of us, with funny stories from their college life and their existence outside the camera is something that makes them more likable. Same with the people behind the harsh lights during the shoot (Sir Ronnie and Ms. Genaly Montalvo-Villamiel), you will be impress on how creative they are and how much effort they put just to make an excellent image.

The photos may have end up amazing, but it’s the friendship that I will treasure the most. Spending a day with the Art Personas team is superb! See you in the upcoming runway shows and I hope to work with you again in the future.

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Bless the models!



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