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So far its been a runway overload experience as fashion shows sprout left and right recently. There’s The Great British Festival (February 2015), Philippine Fashion Week (May 2015), Manila Fashion Festival (March 2015) and Style Origin 2015(May to July 2015). It’s a tireless process for a catwalk fanatic like us and sometimes, the craving is not enough. The feeling is mutual for Art Personas Management (organizers of Manila Fashion Festival) as they aim to break free of the usual bi-annual seasonal shows.

Upon reading the post in our Facebook wall, most of us may have ask ourselves “what is a capsule collection?” Based on my research, a capsule collection showcases staple wardrobe pieces produced in limited quantity for generating a quick selling point. The whole wardrobe is widely known to be a collaboration with a celebrity, designer/fashion house or fellow fashion labels (think of Versace for H&M as an example). The term is not that widely used here in the Philippines and we thank Art Personas for getting us schooled with this fashion jargon.

Image Source: Facebook

And to give as an actual overview of what a capsule collection really is, let us mark our calendars this May 27, 2015 (6pm onwards) for M Barretto’s collaboration with hipster label Outkast Paradigm .The brand’s DNA is street chic for the trendsetter with “anything goes” spirit, while M Barretto’s aesthetic is more about tailored and sleek. Its basically the Yin and Yang, but the love child crossbreed for this is something that we should look forward to.

To register for an invite, visit Manila Fashion Festival’s official website.

Bless the models!



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Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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