Images from: Manila Fashion Festival. Marco Poli photo from

Who says that the boys are only the accessory to the female models? The runway slayer title does not only apply to the divas, but also to the hustlers. You name it and they’re ready to pull the trigger for that gentleman flamboyance.

They come in many forms – spartan, gender-bender, boy-next-door and artistically evil. Regardless, all of them can replace our traditional bed time stories into instant sweet dreams.

(From L to R) Justin Smaby and Jullian Culas
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Renan Pacson / Mark Tamayo

Choosing the Philippines as the avenue for his modelling career brought him the recognition that he needed. Walking a number of shows for Manila Fashion Festival F/W 2015 is only the beginning for this Fil-Am hottie. We won’t argue that his center stage appeal is a buzz worthy material, and it doesn’t end here. A California-dark horse like him will always have a next phase whether in product commercials or high fashion.


Best runway moment: Renan Pacson

An editorial being with a face bordering both genders. A total opposite from the accustomed surfer boy model. He is the new take on masculinity that we are currently obsessed with, reminding us of a male version of Filipina model Eriko Malabanan.

(From L to R) Karl David Santos and Philippe Escalambre
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Ziggy Savella

Yes, he is Mr. Smartypants slash cute-as-a-button. It won’t take rocket science for Karl to turn his boyfriend image into a bankable model as he can effortlessly sell any designer pieces. And initially, we are sold with no return policy.


Best runway moment: Ziggy Savella

The six footer’s goth appearance wins our thumbs up. Fortunately, the Shakesperean era has allowed this beautiful being to exist in our present times, and yes we don’t want to send it back. “Supreme” is the right word to label his performance, stomping like a noble and making every clothes look expensive.

(From L to R) Marco Poli and Ciege Kilvan
Images from: Status Magazine and Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Rhett Eala

Did Art Personas pulled this dude out from the book of Stephanie Meyer? He is hauntingly beautiful, commanding a bloodsucker aura from the medieval period. A cheeky swag married to his tempting façade is truly the right formula to victimize the audience in awe.


Best runway moment: Ziggy Savella

The runway will never be completed without the presence of this hippie kid. A daring and free personality is evident through his long hair and attitude that would turn heads in any second. Jobs like this may require playing it cool. But to this dude, it all comes naturally.

(From L to R) Bruce Venida and Sam Adjani
Images from: Status Magazine and Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Renan Pacson

The encylopedia may have secretly defined the meaning of the word “androgyny” under the name of this model. His signature unruly hair and slender frame is what sets him apart. In person, he is polite and somehow shy. On the runway, he shifts gears and plays the villain bearing a dangerous gaze. It’s true, we don’t want a fly guy, we just want a shy guy!


Best runway moment: Rhett Eala

The Japanese-Persian model has unexpectedly found our fashion tickles for that Demi-God that we’ve been searching for. That manly perfection, oozing with a Gladiator-like face has become a favorite. We want to ask why he didn’t come with the word “caution”? At the very least, most of us are drawn to his suave gaze. The best part is, the Mr Adjani is here, there and everywhere.

(From L to R) Vin Lee and Allan Nuguid
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Ziggy Savella

The fascination with East Asian face became a fashion trend including here in our country. Bearing that advantage is only the beginning for the big L.O.V.E. His image was playing all over the background when he opened the Ziggy Savella show, resonating a romantic approach and walks with full angst. Not to mention, that body is a killer.


Best runway moment: Odelon Simpao

Our eyes adore him! It’s all about the clothes, and he pretty did a good job on it. But it’s his ladies man charm that we are diggin’. We would hold our breath seeing him on the spotlight. That few minutes of turn are equivalent to a whole week of #MCM (Man Candy Monday).

(From L to R) Diego Harmuch and Manu Parslow
Images from: Manila Fashion Festival


Best runway moment: Chris Diaz

Why can’t we stop looking at this guy? Modern grunge seems to be his thing and the added quirky attitude is playfully attractive. Seeing him on Chris Diaz in Peter Parker-styling is an unanticipated but well accepted sight. It made us playfully smirk knowing that the geeky boy on the runway has an all-year summer physique that you can call “envy”.


Best runway moment: Renan Pacson

This equally handsome stranger has attracted both observers and fashion Gods. Manu a.k.a the eye candy reminds us of how sexy a Caucasian man can be. Even he is drenched in blood on the runway, our heart will never lose the desire to take him home.

Bless the models!



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