First call out: Aimee (Singapore)

Photoshoot:  Beauty Shots while wearing Temptations Jewelry

Photographer: Olaf Mueller. Images via Asia’s Next Top Model Facebook

Makeovers (source: Wikipedia)

  • Aimee: Dyed jet black with full fringes
  • Amanda: Wavy hair
  • Barbara: Long bob cut
  • Celine: Wavy bob cut
  • Franchesca: Dyed deep chestnut brown, side bangs added
  • Gani: Blunt bob cut
  • KB: Dyed deep burgundy
  • Lorretta: Trimmed with extra volume
  • Melissa: Pixie cut
  • Monika: Cut to the collarbone
  • Rani: Trimmed and layered
  • Tahlia: Long bob cut and dyed strawberry blonde

Call out order:

  1. Aimee – Singapore
  2. Melissa – Malaysia
  3. Monika – Philippines
  4. Franchesca – Philippines
  5. Celine – Vietnam
  6. Amanda – Philippines
  7. Gani – Indonesia
  8. Barbara – Japan
  9. Tahlia – Indonesia
  10. KB – Hong Kong
  11. Lorretta – Hong Kong
  12. Rani – Indonesia – Eliminated

Eliminated: Rani (Indonesia)

Note: Images on this post are copyright to its owners

Bless the models!


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Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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