Cherry Samuya Veric S/S 2015 for Philippine Fashion Week

Hitting the google search with the title of his collection – “svelte” will immediately pop out results of its meaning. Among these are the words graceful and elegant. As a brand, Mr. Cherry has a reputation of making a woman feel like a queen in her own right. Each of his creations does not over power the natural beauty, as it complements the inner mademoiselle attitude without further elaboration.

On his spring/summer 2015 runway are cashmere gowns with precious lace on top, showing a prim character with pure sophistication. The succeeding pieces are about the vibrant hue of the designer’s name himself. The girls wearing the crimson creation are completely opposite from his first looks. In our imagination, they are the upper class women of the society, catching the attention of the town’s Chuck Bass. But in reality, they are the notorious heart breakers unseen from a man’s vision. Gowns came in all kinds, the ones that cover the woman’s body in red sparkle;, and some romantically bare the shoulders and collar bones. As an added bonus, the heelless shoes are defying gravity, providing the support in walking tall and feline-like.

As expected, the show was closed by former Ms. Universe runner ups Shamcey Supsup-Lee and Venus Raj, together with Analyn Casas, who made the crowd stop with her golden-metal dress paired in red cape. A powerful finale that garnered a lot of cheer. For all the reason, everyone put their high respect to this designer.

All photos are taken by me. Kindly credit me and my blog whenever you wish to use the images

Bless the models!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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