SFERA / UNO DE 50 / SUITEBLANCO for Philippine Fashion Week


Sirene Sutton  walking the runway of SFERA for Philippine Fashion Week.

The Spaniards had shaped the Filipino culture in so many ways that it created a memorable history. Though their colonization has already ended, they are still coninuing their influence in terms of fashion in the 21st century. SFERA, a clothing line from Spain debuted in Philippine Fashion Week. Clean fabrics in dark and ash-toned hues are tailored in edgy pieces bearing the intelligent and sleek finish. There are also clothes that are printed with crisp detailing of symmetrical lines, butterflies, flowers and nature.

As much as the mute palette paraded the runways, we can completely trust the pieces to do the talking.

All photos are taken by me. Kindly credit me and my blog whenever you wish to use the images.

UNO DE 50 

UNO DE 50 pieces paired in a lime-colored top.

Having timeless pieces in your accessories are a good investment. They can easily compliment wardrobes from different occassion and can last for seasons. As their first store in South East Asia, UNO DE 50 proudly presented their jewelry line that has a reference in the nature’s elements. Spanish craftsmanship is exuded on each plated metal holds the brand’s promise of luxury feel in any dress code. Some are shaped in hearts, keys and even embedded with Swarovski crystals.

The jewelry were paired in various clothing style, telling that having that extra bling-bling can spell the word “complete”, whether you choose to be colofrul of monochrome for the sunny days.

All photos are taken by me. Kindly credit me and my blog whenever you wish to use the images.


Giselle Paqueo (Calcarries PH) walking the runway of SUITEBLANCO for Philippine Fashion Week

Let’s climb the high lands and be inspired by their living. Suite Blanco mirrored their latest collection to the fashionable women enjoying the breeze and sunlight on top of world. The season’s theme tells a lady who embraced the hills with bright colors and tribal dressings. As we can see top-on-top combinations, there are some items that put emphasis on the woman’s waist. Our love for denims are also revived with over-alls, jackets and bleached pants.

We never expected that the summit’s fashion could help us take over the big city with a bang!

All photos are taken by me. Kindly credit me and my blog whenever you wish to use the images.

Bless the models!



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