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A little more stretch and we are going to witness another round of fashion excitement as the latest collection from our participating local designers and brands unveils through our local fashion week. The event will again be held at its home – SMX Convention at SM Mall of Asia. This has become one of my guilty pleasures; a get-together moment for my fellow fashion and model lovers; and a chance to meet new friends enjoying the same zest for fashion. Below is the schedule and participating designers and brands.

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On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of queries asking on how to get invites. This is an overused question that still remains unanswered on the PHFW facebook wall, unless a good Samaritan will lend a hand to give the step-by-step process. When I first came here to Manila for work, I was so eager to attend just even one designer show to experience its hype. But whenever I came up and ask a fellow fashion mortal (who is not even a socialite) on how he/she got the invite, they only reply- “I was invited by the designer” and that’s it. An answer that left my eyeballs popping with jealousy. Then again, with a thorough research, yours truly was able to attend Philippine Fashion Week and the Spring/Summer 2015 is my 3rd season by far. So to answer all the bugging queries, let me share to you on how I score invites for this event. Mind you, these have been my strategy since I formally attended this as an invited guest.

Invites for Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2015. Photo taken by me. 

*Proper monitoring and email requests.
On the first week of the Philippine Fashion Week month, list down all the names of participating designers and brands. You may get this information through Philippine Fashion Week’s facebook page since the official website is updated with the complete list the 2nd or 3rd week. You may also hop at the different previous season’s participating designers to monitor if they have an upcoming collection or guest list posted for the current season. After which, send them an email request with your contact details. Make sure that you properly monitor your email from time to time to immediately confirm invitations and complete the registration. Also, don’t forget to say “thank you” via email or in person when you bumped into a designer after show.

* The power of hashtag
On various social media sites, search for the hashtag #PhFW to track the latest post on invites. Some designers put this hashtag to their google form guest list and instagram post with email address accepting e-invite request.

* Shopping for participating brands
Brands usually give invites for a minimum proof of purchase. So if you’re eyeing to update your wardrobe with new pieces, well just do the purchase during fashion week month. The extra perk of having an invite is the cherry on the ice cream.

* Maintain your fashion circle of friends
Whenever you attend fashion week, make sure to make new friends. They have the same love as yours for all things fashion, and what is more enjoying than to share those creative stuffs that you saw on the runway to a person who also understand the gut of your fashion brain. Plus, they can alert you whenever they have some information on where to get invites. As the saying goes, “Its not what you know, but its who you know in fashion”.

* Register for the get-the-chance invite
Its worth to give it try. Their system randomly selects a lucky email address to get an e-invite. As far as my experience goes, i was able to get one last season the night before the show. You may visit the link provided for the form –

Compare to the other countries’ fashion week, where registration is a painstaking process due to its exclusivity, we are in luck that we can possibly attend even one show to have the first peek of the next season’s items. At the meantime, part of my preparation is focused on drinking tons of meds to cure my cold and hopefully, I’ll be in tip-top shape by the following days for fashion week. See you guys on the runway!

Bless the models!



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