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It was an interrupted success when top model Gemma Ward decided to put her modelling career on-hold after the death of her actor-boyfriend Heath Ledger. The unexpected turn was evident to her physique as she traded her slim frame to a curvier version of her self. We recalled her emergence as a semi-finalist on Search For a Supermodel Australia with fellow top model Nicole Trunfio. Despite her loss, she climbed her way to the international scene and started the baby-doll / alien face model trend that made fashion history. She was purely in-demand like everyone is crazy of having her around. She also become one of the youngest model to grace the cover of Vogue and the first model to front Teen Vogue. Her career was almost reaching the status of a modern day Supermodel had she didnt put a break on it.

Through six years of silence, we saw snippets of her private life of being low key and starting a happy family with a new found man. Our longing for her unfinished story in the modelling world was full of “what ifs”. She was still listed on IMG’s website and some of us would constantly browse her portfolio reminiscing the good-old days of having her on runway and print. A comeback for sure is on everyone’s mind, though some of us didn’t bother seeing her back even as a plus-size model.

To much of our surprise, Ward finally returned on the catwalk for Milan Fashion Week. She opened the Spring/Summer 2015 show of Prada. She was the brand’s former face and obviously, she is one of Miucca’s favorite. The Aussie model was wearing a black ensemble, with a very straight forward, wide eye stare. Fashion week is not yet over the two remaining fashion capitals (Milan and Paris), and its our heart’s desire to see more from a model we missed so much. But if this is a show exclusive, well we are glad to savor even second of it. A whirlwind of ideas came up to our minds – since she opened Prada, maybe she will be returning as the brand’s face for the next season’s campaign? The fashion world is still on hype about her recent comeback – A continued hype which was also put aside when she disappeared. Everyone knows that the industry can welcome her with open arms. Because we understand that its better late than never.

Bless the models!




Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.


  1. Gemma is a smart girl, she achieved an incredible amount of success very quickly, she worked that and then she focused on her personal life, kids etc and now she is back to work, and probably on her own terms. I respect that!

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