Source: Kevin Cayuca gallery via

Model: Samantha Gomez
Agencies: CalCarries (Philippines) / Major (Paris)

She got the list of what a girl wants. An oriental face where boys and high fashion would adore; towering height and long legs; and a busy yet fun-filled life of an international model. Samantha has a calling to become part of the runway, but her calling found her on Ford Supermodel of the World – Philippines 2011. She was introduced and signed with CalCarries Philippines and flew overseas to live the model life.

Her Cinderella journey still continues and I’m lucky enough to spy her powerful and adorable presence on the runway and after show on our local fashion week. Never thought that up close, her strong face is just as fragile as a porcelain doll. The fierce lady on the runway suddenly channelled a “bubble gum personality“and without any hesitation, she granted me to dig in to her teenage-dream-turned-reality.

Source: Kevin Cayuca gallery via

How long have you been modelling?

I’m modelling for four years now. Yeah it’s really good. I love modelling.

What’s inside your beauty bag?

I have a lot of mask for my face and I really to take care of my skin and my hair. It’s really important of course on being a model,  especially when you have shows with make-up and crazy hair. So you really need to take care of those.

How do you balance school and modelling?

It’s hard, but if you really love what you’re doing there is always a way. Actually it’s been easy for me to balance school and modelling. Sometimes I bring my modules and review. So while I’m waiting and I don’t have anything to do I just read my books.

It’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of hot male models on the runway a while ago, do you have any male model crushes that you want to dish?

Not really, I don’t have crush on anyone, like any crush on any model. I mean I’m not gonna lie they’re hot. (laughs) I’m not really into that right now.

Do you have any plans to model overseas?

Yah. I actually did. I did Malaysia and Paris.

Do you have plans in returning to Paris?

I’m gonna finish my studies this year and maybe plan to go out of the country again next year.

What is the worst mistake that a model can commit when she is starting?

Piss of the fashion directors (laughs). Because when you piss them off, you are lucky if they’re going to use you on the next show.

Do you have any inhibitions or any discomfort when you’re in front of people?

Before I go out, I get anxious or tense. But when you go out there, everything disappears like its black. You just concentrate, you can’t see anyone actually. You are really focused.

If you can compare Samantha who is modelling four years ago, and the one in Holiday 2014 fashion week. What is the difference between the two?

I’m more disciplined, mature and poise on how I present the clothes on the runway. When I was starting , I really don’t know anything about this and stuff. I am now able to present the clothes and creations well.

Last question, what makes a model confident?

You have to believe in yourself and think you are beautiful.


Bless the models!




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