Model: Martha Borja
Agency: ZE Models (Philippines)
Image reference: Eriq Poliquit Gallery via
Illustration by: Ben L. Ferrer

It’s been months since I haven’t touched my Rembrandt pastels. Suddenly, a whirl wind of tasks hit my life like never before. I’ve been busy with corporate job; hitting the gym 3x a week; and short vacation to Singapore and Malaysia. Now that I’m back in the Philippines, I decided to start sketching again and realized that this old-fashion way of my stress reliever is still the best.

For this time, I’m featuring a model named Martha Borja, who just won a local reality show called Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded. The show just became a Saturday morning hobby – talk about a dose of fashion matched with my favourite box of Oreos. It’s very rare to find a random model in our country that is not commercially inclined, look and career wise. Maybe it’s just the desire of wanting to tap the general mass that is why most Filipinos adore the cutesy pageant girl. In Martha’s case, we are reading a diverse note.

A first impression of her would make you think of Ria Bolivar mixed with Jamie Bochert. She represented the anti-commercial model appearance that made her a big threat to other models in the show. Each week, her pictures got more and more better, earning praises from Suki Salvador and Allison Harvard. There was a Loreal Paris challenge, where she was entailed to look like a movie star. To be honest, I was feeling sceptical back then, as I cannot picture her doing a wholesome face like Reese Witherspoon. But then again, she turned the tables and channelled a classic Hollywood movie star, with the perfect attitude and expression. The photo that I’m talking about is the one that I have illustrated above. I wish I could take back all my hesitation because she totally nailed the challenge.

Emerging as a clear winner, she was sent to Paris with her crew to shot for an editorial spread for Mega Magazine. The runway of our local fashion week is ready for her, and who knows if she’ll just popped out for Spring/Summer 2015 shows? A fresh face like her is worth the wait next season and it would be an honor to feature her again next time.

Bless the models!




Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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