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The word androgynous simply connotes the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics (source: Wikipedia). This seems to be the look that describes the initial ideas of designers and editors to bring an unexplored thought opposed from the usual form. The excitement of having a pre-pubescent male body with feminine features became a huge hit. As we draw closer to this gender confusion, androgyny became the missing link between the two sexes where mainstream fashion sees it with much acceptance.

Andrej Pejic, a pioneering male model for this wave revealed on Instagram that womanhood is the next phase for her life. Yes, you don’t get this wrong; we will know her now as Andreja. She has a towering height of a Roman God, but a face that was blessed by Venus destined her to have a modelling career like no other. mentioned that the Aussie model took the route of having a sexual reassignment surgery early this year to truly expose her real self. Her interview with the mentioned website cited that he figured out who she was at the early of 13 and androgyny is the trait that helped her express femininity without explaining too much to people.

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As a transgendered woman, we never see any hindrance for Andreja to still book masculine and feminine jobs as he did this before. The fashion industry already opened its door to this. Think of Lea T, who scored a groundbreaking campaign with Givenchy and a contract with the international offices of top agency – Women Management.  We’ve glanced at Andreja’s almost naked shots on various editorials, and nothing makes it more beautiful to see her embrace and live what she really believes inside. She is good looking as a man and equally beautiful as a woman. She earned much of our respect taking a big step for embodying the all-time phrase “Be Yourself”.

Image Source: DNA Models Men’s Division -Main board

The rise of transgendered models may join the similar trend of having ethnic models on the runway, which was initially seen as taboo. Her agency in New York (DNA Models) still credits her as Andrej under the men’s division. We won’t be surprise to see her photo in line with Amber Valleta and Anais Mali in the women’s main board soon. Change and new variety is only the few of the good things of having models like her on the industry. Through this, there is an awareness on the life and issues of their community that common society condemns. All we can say is that “You got our back and we’re proud of you girl!”.

Bless the models!



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