Emerald @ Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014. Photo by me.

Model: Emerald Villahermosa
Agency: Cal Carrie’s PH

Outside the backstage area, my fashion friends saw this gazelle-like model with a perfect tan. Upon yelling her name, she replied Hello! with a very perky feel. I’m talking about Emerald Villahermosa. I would not be surprised that she became a runway regular. Her clever personality (to whom I can really attest) is a perfect magnet for our local designers. She is bubbly and anyone would never say “no” to share a seat with her.

Having a 5 minute interview with one of our country’s top working model is so memorable. Despite walking in heels for almost half of the day, she still gave a smile and twinkling eyes.

How did you start modelling?

I started modelling at the age of 20. I joined Ford Supermodel of the World Philippines. Luckily I bagged the prize. It was nice and that’s where it all started. Actually, I just finished college noon (back then). Biglang (suddenly) at the end of my graduation, I went straight to a shoot for it. Sobrang galing lang ng (It was an awesome)opportunity.

Did you ever think of modelling before that?

No not at all. It was a spur of the moment thing. Kasi (Because) after college, I didn’t know what to do yet. I didn’t want to get employed so parang (like) sabi ko (I told myself) I’ll try modelling and then six years later, I’m still doing it.

Aside from modelling, do you have hobbies that you engage into?

Hmm… If you would consider studying alternative med a hobby I guess that’s it.

Whenever you are on the runway, what usually comes up to your mind?

Wala (Nothing)…I’m usually blank I don’t think of anything. I just pray na sana (that hopefully) my pictures would come out nice, and then the people watching the designs that I’m wearing would actually like it.

How about on a photoshoot?

You have to be super fierce. Whatever the photographer asks or the client wants – you have to give it. If they want you to be perky and happy sige (then) go. You are out of your usual self like “I’m a muse”. When you see me, I’m just quiet. Pero (But) on a shoot, if they want you to be like super out there, it’s a different person. Parang (like) Sasha Fierce to Beyonce to another person.

What’s in your beauty CV?

Are you familiar with the tea tree facial wash of Dessert Essence? It’s all natural and witch hazelnut toner. That’s for the regular days and I just add Physiogel. It’s super light on the face.

You are signed with Cal Carrie’s PH. How’s the management so far?

Okay naman. I’m happy with Calcarries. I’ve been with them for six years now. It’s good kasi (because) they got to send me to other countries also. Because of the competition, I was able to go to New York and meet some clients there.

Do you have plans to go back to New York?

I’m headed to States next year but not for modelling. I just need to finish some schooling that I’ve been doing there.

What can you say about those who just finished college that might consider modelling?

Well, you have to make sure that you like this job. Kasi (cause) it just appears like it’s so easy that you see people walking on the runway. But no, behind it there’s a lot of professionalism involved. You cannot work out and eat well. People will be looking up to you and they will be seeing you. Parang (just like) now, you are asking me on what’s my beauty regimen, what do I think of when I walk on the runway? You are like a model’s model literally. You have to be on the lookout on how you project yourself to other people. It’s something that is 24/7, not just when you have a job.

And please, please be nice to the people you work it. Because one day, if you’re not nice to them, you might see them talk behind your back. Don’t get involve on those things and just stick to the positive stuff of the work.

Bless the models!



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Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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