SM WOMAN Holiday 2014 for Philippine Fashion Week

Due to the busy environment, women nowadays may have abandoned the essence femininity. The success of womanhood should not only be confined with the corners of yourself, especially when you have the option to let the world see your power.  Along with the corporate name change from SM Ladies Wear to SM Woman, the fashionable line has introduced a collection for Holiday 2014. The brand has been launched by SM Store, to whom most Filipinos turned to this as an avenue for good fashion finds.

The waiting area for the guest is arranged in a boutique-like setting where attendees could actually see and touch the clothes off the runway and may consider fitting and making a purchase.

Soft colors of nude and ash are the first looks for the show. Floral dresses are present, with shattered colored tops; high-waist pants; pencil and madmen flowing skirts.

Swimsuits and cover ups are shown as part of their latest collection along with the formal wear. We are never surprised to see this since the Philippines is a tropical country where the weather is truly unpredictable, and hitting the beach is not only bound for summer. A touch of black and check boards have also been considered for some of their ensembles for a graceful, classic elegance appropriate for cocktail parties and important events.

The collection is not a typical seasonal show, where clothes are patterned for a certain time of the year.  Most of the designs are good investment pieces that are for keeps. It fits various lifestyles for all Filipinas – whether you’re an intern; working in publication or corporate world; or even a housewife who wants to look and feel good. From what we’ve seen, the people behind them are articulate enough to show love and dedication to a Filipina’s closet.

All photos are taken by me. Kindly credit me and my blog whenever you wish to use the images.

Bless the models!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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