From opening Dior and soaring high as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The 21 year old got everything from physique to her achievements to be called as a modern day Supermodel. Just recently, she will be into another journey and it’s not in the catwalk. Kloss is now in the move to pursuit an education in Harvard as posted on her official Instagram account (@karliekkloss).

Karlie Kloss for Victoria’s Secret PINK Catalog. Image via fashionizers.com

Kloss did so many things beyond her envious long legs and killer stare. During  New York Fashion Week, she managed to play entrepreneur when she introduced her line of girl scout cookies in partnership with Momofuku Milk Bar . It doesn’t stop there; she also collaborated with Frame Denim and designed an eyewear line with Warby Parker, showing a big love on the business side of fashion.


Image via Instagram (@karliekloss)


Image via Instagram (@karliekloss)

Walking in high heels has brought her stardom and we are pleased to know that she still has a traditional mindset of valuing education. Success in the modelling industry can poured for those destined to be on top. But a diploma is a back bone that can support a model when all the blessings from fashion heaven unpredictably goes to another girl.

We salute Karlie for a being a true role model and expanding her horizon into something that is for a long-term basis.

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Bless the models!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.


  1. Love what you said about the blessings of fashion heaven passing onto another model, its so true and more models should prepare for their future after the catwalk lights fade out. I once watched this Fly On The Wall documentary about models and at one point, some ex-models in their 20s were saying how they had no skills to get jobs, as they hadnt finished school etc. Its sad, so Go Karlie!!

    1. Its a very good decision for Ms. KArlie to atelast pursue an eduction. We know that fashion is always looking for the next big thing and everyone can easily be replaced. There is a major over supply of models vs the demand and a diploma can prepare assure their future. I also love how models of this generation are doing school other things aside from looking fierce, thus stripping away the stereotype and presenting a smart and eloquent girls equipped with the right mentality in the midst of pressure in the fashion indsutry.. Thanks for your lovely inputs by the way.. =)

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