The journey of 16 girls from different corners of Asia is now over as the show proclaimed Sheena Liam as Asia’s Next Top Model for cycle 2. The blonde beauty from Malaysia won over Jodilly Pendre and Katarina Rodriguez from the Philippines. The debate over the winner became a trending topic on twitter (hashtag #AsNTM2Finale) with continuous live feeds every minute. It was a close fight for the three girls having a strong final photo and various strengths on runway performance. Sheena’s spunk and outstanding performance convinced the judges that she deserves to win this cycle.

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We just don’t know how she will be developed by Storm Models for 3 months and what particular job she’ll book in a short span of time, unless the booker will be truly interested to extend the contract and introduce her on partner agencies in New York, Milan and Paris. I’m also curious if her blonde hair will be dyed darker by her agency? The industry does not want to clone another Soo Joo Park who is already famous or her ice blonde locks. She is standing on 5 ft 8 ½ and she needs to think and breathe “tall” to look elongated on runways and editorials. Luckily, her face is young looking and can work next to the other younger girls.

For the other two girls, we can for see a bright career ahead of them, whether in the Philippines or in Asia. It was a good season after all for Asia’s Next Top Model bearing strong contenders up to the last episode. We wish Sheena all the best on her modelling career and the cover for Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia and Singapore is surely an anticipated one for the show’s avid fans.

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Bless the models!



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