NEXT is a big name in the modelling industry which has been operating since 1989. The agency is successfully known to carry representation of top fashion models and new comers gifted with remarkable potential.  Other than models, their team of excellent bookers also work to represent talents, artist, and even a CHEF division.

Screenshot NEXT Model Management website via

This year, the agency decided to open another board which is dedicated to pets – Yes, you got it right, the other species that front the camera and sometimes walk the runway can have the Abbey-Lee Kershaw treatment with booking listings; a portfolio on the agency’s website; and a chance to work with top photographers and models. Remember the two lucky owls posing with Cara Delevigne on Mulberry’s F/W 2013-2014 ad or simply the golden retriever on a dog food packaging? The management team acknowledge that this can be a good income generating venture since animals too can book mostly commercial jobs and (steal) share the spotlight on high fashion ads. The new category to be included on their Talent division has been recently announced on their blog (

And when we say pets, we mean “pets” in general? Although the agency did not yet give the full details about the new category,  I’m thinking of others like class reptilian, bipeds and amphibians? Well it’s not only their skin who can portray luxury isn’t it?

It will be fun to see their office with compcards of beloved animals next to the pics of famous names. NEXT is really on the platform to become a multimedia representation company levelling to the identity of FORD and Wilhelmina Models Inc.  So the next time you’ll snap a photo of your pet buddy on Twitter or Instagram (whether it is furry or scaly), just use the hashstag #nextpets. Who knows if your pet can be the next big thing that will not wake up for less than $10,000?

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Bless the models!



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Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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