There are many, many famous figures in history that became a modern day fashion icon. It is primarily for their distinct style and contribution on shaping the ever changing world of fashion, For the April 2014 issue of Vogue Germany, their team paid respect to famous figure Marie Antoinette. She is remembered in so many aspects in terms of politics, exquisiteness and the earliest role models for shopaholics enjoying an extravagant lifestyle.  Her Excellency has been relieved by Patti Wilson using the pieces from Dolce and Gabanna Alta Moda in expensive fabrics juxtaposed in floral embellishments.   Luigi +Iango captured the models in a portrait-like setting which the theatrics concept has been put into the reader’s attention. Every photo tells a different side of the femme fatale, showing that her untimely execution is only the start of her influence to the society.

We are only the beginning of the year and yet this could be one of 2014’s best editorials. At the meantime, enjoy the rest of the photos as food to our never ending starvation for high fashion.

Image Source: Vogue Germany – April 2014 via http://www.swide.com
Photographer: Luigi + Iango
Fashion Editor / Stylist: Patti Wilson
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Make up: Virginia Young
Models: Meghan Collison, Sophie Touchet, Steffi Soede, Xiao Wen, Holly Rose Emery & Codie Young.

Note:  Image(s) on this post are copyright to its owners.

Bless the models!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.


  1. I love it when it all comes together like this: art, history, fashion…the photography lighting really captures the mood, and of course the models are great. Its not easy with these kinds of poses, because you have to be blank but yet say something with the eyes. There is a certain stillness that can easily look like boredom if you are not careful….

    1. Totally agree with you my friend.. I totally admire the styling for this editorial… The stylist captured the aura and beauty of the Austrian-born queen. The awkwardness of the young models fit the theme.We know how hard it is for a model to move into those couture pieces (fear of ruining the clothing) but they managed to pulled out a very posied expression =)

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