Supermodel Tyra Banks on the cover of MEGA Magazine’s 22nd anniversary issue (February 2014)
Photographer: Joshua Jordan
Styling & Creative Direction: Suki Salvador
Image Source: MEGA Magazine website (

Most of us have America’s Next Top Model in our early fashion memories before discovering all the designer names, high fashion models and everything that goes within the real world of fashion. Every week, we would fondly go along with Tyra as she recites the show’s elimination lines– “I only have one photo in my hand…”. During the show’s cycles, she popularized the word “fierce” and taught everyone to “smile with their eyes” thus coining the word “smize”.  Because of this modelling reality show, Tyra Banks expanded her circles from fashion, to TV shows and a power house business woman. She suddenly became a role model for a lot of her fans ranging from model aspirants, teens with self-esteem issues and LGBT community.


Screenshot of Michael Carandang’s Instagram post giving his followers a clue on the anniversary issue.
Image source via

Now it is with much delight for Filipinos to see the TV mogul fronting the February  2014 issue of MEGA Magazine in the Philippines. You may ask every Pinoy fashion lovers about her and for sure you’ll have tons of answer. We are just thrilled that the Supermodel magazine cover is back just like the good old days knowing that celebrities presently dominate most of the magazines even in our local scene.  The anticipation started when TV 100 head Mr. Michael Cararandang posted on his Instagram (@mikecarandang79) that Ms. Sari Yap (MEGA Editor-in-Chief) and Suki Salvador (MEGA Executive Creative Director) is in New York with Tyra Banks for their anniversary issue. The people behind the magazine are wise enough to build a strong eagerness for this issue releasing the cover on February 3, 2014 via the magazine’s official Twitter (@mega_magazine) and Instagram (@megastyleph) page. The long wait and patience is truly worth it as we see Tyra’s close-up wearing a creation from Rajo Laurel. The outfit embraces the tribal trend for Spring/Summer 2014 mixed with the Supermodel’s sultry smize. With this happening, we can hope that Ms. Banks may visit our country anytime soon (oh please Lord).

The cover of the 22nd anniversary issue is truly #megaworthy as Suki Salvador would say it. The year 2014 seems to have a good start for the Filipino glossies creating another memorable fashion moment. The coveted issue itself has made me decided to adjust my budget just to grab a collector’s edition of this magazine. I hope you’ll join me as the cover itself seems to say that there’s a lot more inside.

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Bless the models!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.


  1. Go Tyra! Yes it is nice to see her on the front cover. I remember when ANTM began, I was such a huge fan. I say was because in my opinion, as the years went by it lost its authenticity. However, I totally respect Tyra’s transition from model to business tycoon, very inspiring!

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