Screenshot of Nathalie Models’ website via http://www.nathalie-models.com/

Paris is becoming exciting lately as the Haute Couture season steps into the scene. However, this is not the only thing that gives the French fashion its current spice. It seems that there is a carousel of events in some of the known agencies in this fashion capital. An article on Model News Daily (http://modelnewsdaily.com/) stated that Nathalie Models is going to be merged with Women Paris, which will be handled by the founder and owner of the former  – Nathalie Cros-Coitton.

Screenshot of Women Management Paris’ website via http://www.womenmanagement.fr/models/list/0/all/1?group=1

The soon-to-be merged agency may become a power house in Paris combining their models into one roof. On the other note, their boards will become crowded unless some models and bookers will switch to other agencies or a major clean-up will be made. There is a big question of what’s going to happen with the mega strong ties with Nathalie Models to NYMM ( New York Model Management)? Merging Nathalie Models to Women Paris means an affiliation with Women Management NY. This denotes that some models that are currently represented by NYMM may be migrated to Women NY , thus crowding its selective board as well? Also, what about the L’homme De Nathalie – the men’s division of Nathalie? Are they going to be a separate agency or sold to other top men’s agency in town?

These are the questions that would bug the fashion business these times. This may only be a sneak peak of an unknown strategy and there’s a lot more. The City of Lights will certainly beam the answers to everyone, whether it’s debatable or chaotic in nature.

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Bless the models!



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