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Around the last week of 2013, rumors have been circulating around the web regarding an office that is going to be opened by Ford NY in the city of lights – Paris. The agency has been existent since the infant period of the modelling biz and having the Ford label under a model’s credit can be a true source of honor and pride. They are not only known as a top key player in discovering promising faces and managing supermodels but also to the major management switch with Supreme that happened in 2010 that caused a  lot of  theirmodels to shift agencies.

Ford NY turned into an editorial agency when Paul Rowland took over bringing some of the working Supreme girls into its board as well as Supreme’s unique standing in the industry. However, when P.R. left the agency, their partner agencies in Paris went the other way around. Elite Paris opened The Society in New York pulling out some of the Ford girls, and Oui Paris terminated their ties with Ford and started a partnership with Elite New York City (not an affiliate of the Elite World Group).

A brave and unanticipated move from them is the opening of an international office in Paris. Ford Europe, an agency in Paris who has their own management team and obviously shares the same name with Ford in NY decided to drop their name to avoid conflict. Ford Europe has changed their name to Premium Models. Lately, Ford Paris’ website is up and running with familiar faces like Alison Nix (formerly with Marilyn Paris) and Ford NY’s rising stars like Iesha Hodges, Zuzu Tadeushuk to name a few who only started to have a representation in Paris.  We can only anticipate that a number of Ford NY girls may appear on their Image board in the coming months, a new division being opened or a new runway sensation will be discovered through their new scouting network.

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Bless the models!



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