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The Asian franchise of the US hit reality show – America’s Next Top Model is going to open its doors this January 8, 2014. We are excited to see 16 Asian hopefuls chasing their model dreams via challenges, photo shoots and weekly elimination. This cycle has been filmed in Malaysia and additional 2 more contestants from the previous cycle’s 14 girls. Below are the basic show information and some of my thoughts regarding this cycle.



Bona Kometa / 1.80 m/ 27 y.o/ Indonesia

Elektra Yu / 1.76 m/ 21y.o/ Hong Kong

Janice Hermijanto/ 1.76 m/ 21 y.o/ Indonesia

Jessie Yang/ 1.70 m/ 22y.o/ China

Ji-hye Moon/ 1.81 m/ 20 y.o/ South Korea

Jodilly Pendre/ 1.78 m/ 20 y.o/ Philippines

Josephine Tan/ 1.73 m/ 23 y.o/ Malaysia

Katarina Rodriguez/ 1.70 m/ 21 y.o/ Philippines

Marie Nakagawa/ 1.70 m/ 24 y.o/ Japan

Natalie Pickles/ 1.70 m/ 25 y.o/ Taiwan

Nicole Lee/ 1.74 m/ 24 y.o/ Singapore

Như Thảo Phan/ 1.73 m/ 25 y.o/ Vietnam

Poojaa Gill/ 1.70 m/ 22 y.o/ Singapore

Sheena Liam/ 1.74 m/ 22 y.o/ Malaysia

Sneha Ghosh/ 1.75 m/ 23 y.o/ India

Tia Taveepanichpan/ 1.69 m/ 17 y.o/ Thailand

A+ for having a number of girls with dominant Asian features. However, most of the girls are quite short and old for international modelling standards.

Our country (Philippines) has two candidates vying for the title. Jodilly Pendre is one of our local working models who have walked big designer shows in Philippine Fashion Week, including international Filipino designer Michael Cinco. She also appeared on a spread in Preview and Mega Magazine. Katarina Rodriguez is an athlete who has done minor commercial modelling gigs including a network station ID.  She is also the god child of Filipino Supermodel Tweetie De Leon (source:



A three-month contract with Storm Model Management, the chance to appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore/Malaysia, a cash prize of 100,000 SGD, a Subaru car, and the chance of being the new face of Canon IXUS and TRESemmé.

We really love to see an additional prize such as a contract from Elite Hong Kong or Calcarries, just like in Australia’s Next Top Model where there is a modelling contract with a local top agency as well as an introduction to a partner agency in a fashion capital. Also, the contract with Storm Models should be lengthen since it will took preparation for the agency to build a new model’s portfolio for her to be introduced on casting directors for fashion week.  Maybe if Storm is really interested with the winner, then they’ll extend the term.


Nadya Hutagalung (Host)

Joey Mead-King

Mike Rosenthal

Adam Williams

Having Ms. Joey as part of the panel is really awesome since she really knows how to coach and impart lessons that are really related to modelling. I’ve always been impressed by Mike Rosenthal’s works in America’s Next Top Model and for sure, he will be photographing the girls for their photo assignment.

Watch the premiere episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 at Star World on January 8, 2013 – 9:40PM / 8:40PM JKT/BKK.

Bless the models!



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