The hair is not just a crowning glory in the 21st century. It has the ability to define and update a personal style and create a trademark look. No wonder makeovers will never be completed without the presence of sharp-sounding scissors.

Image Source: Stylebistro

For 2013, some of our favorite models embraced the year by ditching their former looks to reveal a different side of themselves.  It is not just a matter of trying something new but a marketing opportunity for them to book more jobs and being styled by top hairstylists is just one the perks. Whether it’s their agent or the backstage stylist who dictate this change, remember that it is the model that makes the hair and they have proven fair justice to this statement owning their new look.

LINDSEY WIXSON – The farm girl with sandy blonde hair has been a hit with the fashion world. For Fall/Winter 2013, she appeared in an updated mullet similar to the one being sported by Sandra Bullock on her movie All-About –Steve. The result, the young high school girl has been edged out in harmony with the current punk wave.

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COCO ROCHA –The girl can pull different hair changes like it is truly her own. She started with a dark brown hair and suddenly converted into fire engine red. After being back in her roots, Ms. Rocha decided to chop majority of her luscious mane and turn it into a tomboy-inspired cut.

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KARLIE KLOSS – A modern day supermodel like Kloss is fearless enough to rise above her long locks for the world to see. The said change is initially for a shoot in Vogue. The Illinois-born star donned a shattered bob that made the Victoria’s Secret team left the extensions on side for a curly version for their 2013 show. Thanks to the expertise of Garren Defazio, Karlie became more of a lady with this cut.

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EDIE CAMPBELL – In the midst of her hype, she went jet black and short care of Mr. Guido Palau. We actually never mind seeing her change since we are giving a hands-down for a brave move made by an interesting model on the rise. The cut just gave more emphasis to her British rebel spirit.

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Bless the models!



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