Kelly Mittendorf Illustration
Model: Kelly Mittendorf
Agencies: The Society (NY)/ Elite (London)/ Marilyn (Paris)/ D’ Management (Milan)
Image Source: F.TAPE Fashion Directory (
Illustration by: Ben L.Ferrer

A girl with an otherworldly face as the fashion people would say it has gone overnight into becoming a Prada girl. She met with Meisel and appeared on the brand’s campaign for F/W 2011 where she poses next to top model Frida Gustavsson and company. There is no question that she was selected for this campaign. Her look perfectly fits the trademark aesthetic of the brand, which we can express as eccentrically beautiful. She is a fresh face in the name of Kelly Mittendorf. Living in Arizona, she was just your regular teenager who became a youth ambassador for Phoenix Sister Cities Programme in Taipei. Her agent discovered her while swimming in the pool and has been initially signed to The Agency Arizona all the way to the top agencies in the four fashion capitals. Being a true standout, it was proven that she is worth the media glance when she appeared at the ID Magazine cover shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson and various international spreads in Vogue.

She is normally a laid back girl who would care on other things over her appearance, but her looks particularly the hypnotic cat eyes square jaw cannot help it but scream high fashion and even reminds us of Norwegian male model Knut Roertveit. A face like this would entail an agency to scour Europe. However, her agent found a diamond in a rough in the country side of America that sparked a lasting impression and became a newcomer to watch out for.

Bless the models!!!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

3 thoughts on “KELLY MITTENDORF”

    1. She seems to join the one-hit model wonder group.. She disappeared after her Prada debut.. maybe its because of school. But I hope she wont let her potential down cause she is b;essed with an incredible face…

      1. Ah that’s too bad. She kinda reminds me of Bekah Jenkins when she was a teenager, but her high fashion career died too.

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