Model: Lindsey Wixson Agencies:The Society (NY) / Storm (London)/ ELITE (Paris)/ D'Management (Milan) Illustration by: Ben L.Ferrer
Model: Lindsey Wixson
Agencies:The Society (NY) / Storm (London)/ ELITE (Paris)/ D’Management (Milan)
Illustration by: Ben L.Ferrer

We often see this odd-faced girl being present at every runway show and glossies known to fashionistas. But her current success is far different from her life before she started her career. Lindsey Wixson was born miles away from the fast-paced world of fashion capitals in the town of Wichita, Kansas, where she enjoyed the simple American life with her parents. Growing up, she was picked-on for her gap, but little than she knows, it is this flaw that will help her career as a fashion model. For better opportunities, she move in to L.A. to pursue modeling and eventually, flying to the city of concrete jungle where dreams are made of – New York. She knocked at every agencies door and got rejected until Marilyn NY took notice of her raw talent.

Her look is a sever e take on the baby –doll model where she has a puffy cheeks, bee stung lips, and front gap which is not similar to the previous trend (think of Gemma and Vlada) which is about delicate fierceness and sharp cheek bones. In every shoot, she managed to play different character and still maintain her personality that made the industry remembered her as she is. She has worked with different people including Meisel and the material girl herself – Madonna directing the motion advertorial for Miu Miu F/W 2010-11.

As important as her career, she still puts priority on attending one of the events to cherish on a teenager’s life which is high school prom. She attended the event in style wearing a creation from Jason Wu.

Of all of my drawings, I can say that this illustration of Lindsey is the one that I’m really proud of as an amateur. I was even afraid to color her line art, but I guess taking a small risk with my color pencils are worth it. Every model lover has included her on their favorite list, not because of her success and beauty, but on her ability to transform her flaws to perfection.

Bless the models!!!



Author: ebencipe

Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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