Model: Marie Piovesan Agencies: Marilyn (NY) / Storm (London)/ Oui (Paris)/ Why Not (Milan) Illustration by: Ben L. Ferrer
Model: Marie Piovesan
Agencies: Marilyn (NY) / Storm (London)/ Oui (Paris)/ Why Not (Milan)
Illustration by: Ben L. Ferrer

If only we can go back in time to witness the muses who have inspired the painters of the past, maybe we can understand the aesthetic that has captured the neo-classical beauty we know today. They have been carefully drawn to mimic their porcelain-like faces and stand out features so that the quality of being mesmerized is preserved for generations.

Fast forward to the present, we can notice that one of the sought after models in the name of Marie Piovesan can be compared to those European paintings breath to life. We can categorize her to the likes of Iekeliene Stange who can book editorial jobs with era-descent and super edgy themes. The French-Italian model  has been featured as one of the top 10 new comer for F/W 2012 and #20 on the top 50 models list of She opened Celine S/S 12 , walked other high profile shows, and eventually being photographed by Paolo Roversi for the supplementary cover of Vogue Italia -March 2012  showing that being 20+ can still be embraced by a youth and beauty-obsessed industry. She always give this “I know something you don’t know” look at her photos and runway look which makes her really interesting. 

Her mysterious aura reminds me of the models on he previous Supreme board when Paul Rowland was still spearheading the agency. The best part of drawing her is her hunch back pose with a sharp shoulder to match. I did my best on replicating her eyes making sure that it has the same story of her signature presence. It is never a mistake that she followed her instinct to give modeling a try as she found her perfect mold where her background in arts has been actually put into practice in a high fashion perspective.

Bless the Models!!!



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Im a huge art & fashion fanatic who worships high fashion models and sees individuality as a way of life.

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